The Hojack Swing Bridge: Its History—and Its Future


10 x 10 inches
125 pages
86 photographs, maps & drawings
Edited by Richard Margolis with essays by
Joanne Arany, Stuart Bolger, Mary Hamilton-Dann,
Eric DeLony, Allan Isselhard, Emma Pollard Greer,
Jim LaVilla-Havelin, Richard Margolis, Joni Monroe,
Richard Palmer, Charles Roemer, Harold Russell,
Peter Siegrist, Alan King Sloan and John Walsh.

This book documents the history of the Hojack Swing Bridge in Rochester, NY—a bridge the railroad and coastguard want removed. It also discusses the history of the region and the railroads that used the bridge. Eric DeLony’s essay describes the development of movable bridges and Alan King Sloan, a descendent of the founder of the King Bridge Company, contributes an essay titled “Saving Old Bridges.”

There are many of photographs, construction drawings, “stories about bridges,” and a chronology that describes the campaign to save the bridge that started with Alan King Sloan’s letter dated 1999. It traces the formation of the group SOB (that’s “Save Our Bridge”) and the sparring with various federal agencies over the future of the bridge. The book ends with possibilities for reuse.